FIFA Clubs World Cup 2015 Current Review

FIFA Clubs World Cup 2015 Current Review

FIFA Clubs World Cup 2015 Current Review

FIFA Clubs World Cup 2015 Current Review

FIFA Clubs World Cup 2015 Current Review — FIFA Clubs World Cup 2015 is hosted by Japan on December 10-20th 2015. This year cup is the 12th edition of FIFA Club World Cup as an international club football tournament. The match is held between champion clubs from six continental confederations. There are seven teams who enter the competition including River Plate, Barcelona, Guangzhou Evergrande, TP Mazembe, America, Auckland City, and Sanfrecce Hiroshima.

Play-off for Quarter Finals

In the play-off round on Dec 10th 2015, Sanfrecce Hiroshima matched against Auckland City. Starting in the Yokohama International Stadium, Japan club Sanfrecce Hiroshima success bring the club to quarter finals after defeating Auckland with score 2-0.

In the first half of the match, Yusuke Minagawa scored the first goal for Sanfrecce in the minutes 9. Then 20 minutes before the game end, Tsukasa Shiotani brought more hope for their team. Until the game ended, Auckland needs to acknowledge their defeat and stop the match in the play-off round.

Quarter Finals

The quarter finals started on Dec 13th at Nagai Stadium with two matches:

  • America vs Guangzhou Evergrande (1-2)

After Japan club wins in the play-off, Guangzhou made sure to add Asian champions in the next matches. Guangzhou success on defeating America club with the score 2-1. When move to the second half, America led the position after Oribe Peralta score the first goal in the minutes 55.

Guangzhou ran fast to catch up the score. Zheng Long in minutes 80 break the goal for Ghuangzhou and equalize the score. Within the 3 minutes of extra time, Paulinho made sure he brings his team to the semifinals after scoring goal.

  • TP Mazembe vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima (0-3)

After defeating Auckland in the previous match, Sanfrecce success again win to the semifinals against TP Mazembe. Tsukasa Shiotani scored the first goal a minutes before the first half ended. The road for Sanfrecce became smoother with more goals from Kazuhiko Chiba (56′) and Takuma Asano (78′). They let TP Mazembe to back home.

Match for Fifth Place

To get positioned as the fifth place, America is competed against TP Mazembe on Dec 16th. Once again, TP Mazembe needs to back home without any victory after defeated by America with the score 1-2. Darío Benedetto from America scored the first goal after 19 minutes followed by Martín E. Zúñiga in minutes 28. TP Mazembe success on scoring a goal by Rainford Kalaba in two minutes before the first half ended. But until the match over, America still led the score and positioned as the fifth place.

Semi Finals

  • Sanfrecce Hiroshima vs River Plate (0-1)

On Dec 16th, the first semifinals match started between Sanfrecce Hiroshima and River Plate. Although Sanfrecces has two previous victories but the club needs to give the victory to River Plate. The first half game started with hot match until a player from River Plate, Lucas Alario, scored goal in the minutes 72. By this goal, River Plate has positioned the team for the final rounds.

  • Barcelona vs Guangzhou Evergrande (upcoming)

The match will be started soon on Dec 17th. The winner of this match will compete against River Plate in the final.

Match for Third Place (upcoming)

Sanfrecce Hiroshima will match against the loser from match 6 between Barcelona and Guangzhou Evergrande on Dec 20th.

Finals (upcoming)

River Plate has positioned their team for the final round. They will against the winner from the match 6 (Barcelona or Guangzhou).


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