Mourinho’s Reign is No Longer Anymore in Chelsea

Mourinho’s Reign is No Longer Anymore in Chelsea

Mourinho’s Reign is No Longer Anymore in Chelsea

Mourinho’s Reign is No Longer Anymore in Chelsea

Mourinho’s Reign is No Longer Anymore in Chelsea. Did you hear anything about Mourinho? This news becomes the trending topic for today. There are some rumors in Chelsea mention that Mourinho’s reign is no longer anymore. There will be always the reasons why he should go out of Chelsea. We can remember some fatal incidents make him should end his career in Chelsea.

So, do you want to know about them? If you want to know about this hot rumor, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss about it for you. Let’s find out your best reference only here!

Who is Mourinho?

We may call him as the special one. This man actually did the good action at the Stamford Bridge in the last season. He brought Chelsea into the title of three matches passed. But nowadays he found himself to go out of this popular team. This case becomes the dramatic fact this year.

For your information, actually he has the same team with the same players but sometimes he cannot be able to click the right shot for passing the success match. The worst progress of his career in Chelsea is supported by some media that ignores him. The media seems increasingly to support him lost his career in this season. Besides that, there are also some incidents you have to know in order to support him losing his career.

The Light Pre Season Decision

There were a lot of people surprised when Chelsea chosen for taking very light pre- season in every schedule. Mourinho thought that he should give the proper holiday for the players. At that time, it seems good for them. It also gave the sense for the players to be in good humor. Even, he also played the pranks in his staffs. Well, what was the result of this decision?

The result was very bad. Chelsea failed on the three matches of five matches. Then, when the team got off for having a shaky start, he conceded that the pre season caused his players getting undercooked. But, he felt very confident with his decision.

The Incident of Carniero

He had an argument to the team’s doctor. As we know there is the popular doctor of his team named Doctor Eva Carniero. In this case, we can remember about the match between Chelsea and Swansea. At that time, Eva ran on the field to help Eden Hazard. It was in the opening match with Swansea. Then, Mourinho showed his anger to the public by calling this doctor as the naïve and impulsive person.

After this incident happened, the doctor left Chelsea and Mourinho is mentioned for saying abusive words against a doctor. It was one of distractions did by this man. Nobody wants to call him as the special one because of his abusive words.

Finally, those are all some incidents make people support Mourinho to get out of this Blue Club. There are still other cases make media should tell him go. Well, now you can understand why Mourinho’s reign is no longer anymore.

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