Rules and Gameplay of 7 Up Baccarat Variation

Rules and Gameplay of 7 Up Baccarat Variation

Baccarat is one of the all-time favorite card game of Asians. Nowadays, you can find various types of this game being played at online casinos. One of those is the 7 Up variation. This was first introduced in casinos at Singapore and ever since, the popularity has spread out across the globe. What makes this variation special? What are the rules and gameplay of 7 Up Baccarat variation?

Rules and Gameplay of 7 Up Baccarat Variation

Rules and Gameplay of 7 Up Baccarat Variation
Rules and Gameplay of 7 Up Baccarat Variation

Most players who are familiar with the standard Baccarat will see that the rules are almost identical. Printed on the table, on the Player hands side is a huge “7”. This indicates that that players hand always receive a 7 as the first card.

A continuous shuffling machine is used to shuffle six decks of cards, and players place their bets on either Player or Banker. Just like the standard baccarat, the drawing of cards for the Banker is unchanged. A second card is dealt to the Player to complete the hand and another for Banker.

Changes in Payouts

The next crucial thing that you should be aware of is the payouts. In the standard version of Baccarat, the payout for winning either Banker or Player hand is even money, less the commission for Banker bets.

In 7 Up Baccarat, winning Player bets pays out even money, except with a win on 7, which is reduced to 1:2 rate. Meanwhile, winning Banker bets pays even money, except a win on 7 total, which pays 9:5.

When both hands have identical totals of 7, the rounds results in a Tie which will become a “Push” and all bets are returned.

Players will be also able to bet on a Tie result. Winning on Tie bets pays out 7:1, except for a tied 7 totals, that pays 9:1.

Super 7 Side Bet

Lastly, a unique side bet “Super Sevens” that pays out depending on the number of 7 on the table, including the printed 7 on the player side. Based on the amount of sevens: for one the best lose, for two 2:1, for three 5:1, for four 17:1, for five 70:1 and for six 700:1.

Best Websites to Play 7 Up Baccarat Variation

In addition to casinos in Singapore, you can easily find this variation at the online casino sites in Malaysia. One of the casino software providers that offers 7 Up Baccarat is Gameplay casino. They specialize in live dealer games and also Asian themed table games.

You can expect to find generic casino names like QQ188, QQ288 or QQ101, but despite the different branding, you can expect that Gameplay casino ensures your will enjoy.

7 Up Baccarat Winning Strategy

Honestly speaking there are no sure win strategy in play. However, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to improve your odds. One thing you can do is to properly manage your money. Also, do not forget you are here to have fun, your life doesn’t depend on the next outcome of the game. Be responsible in gambling and good luck.

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