The Latest News about Chelsea

The Latest News about Chelsea

The Latest News about Chelsea

The Latest News about Chelsea

The Latest News about Chelsea – Did you hear the latest news about Chelsea today? Well, there will be always the hot discussion about this football team. The British football team will be always trending topic around us. That’s why this news becomes the inviting one for us. So, what actually happened with Chelsea?

If you want to know about it, keep reading here. This article will inform you the hottest info from this blue team. Let’s find out the best information below!

Guus Hiddink as the New Team Manager

Guss Hiddink was reported for having a meeting with some Chelsea management leaders. This sixty nine years old man gathered in the hotel in order to discuss about his new position as the manager. He has not signed any contract with Chelsea team. He also gave this issue to his agent team and took the Chelsea performance techniques and aspects as the main discussion on this meeting.

Chelsea Position in the Premier League

Talking about Chelsea position in the premier league rates, they reach the sixteenth position. This position is higher on a point of the worst one. In other hand, Chelsea is going to take the worst rank. Chelsea notes their failure of sixteen matches they passed. As a result, Chelsea is going to discharge Jose Mourinho. Well, actually this is the hottest news that will be delivered today.

Who is Guus Hiddink?

There are few people who know this old man. This man actually took the position as the manager in 2009. Besides that, he also successfully took PSV Eindhoven caught the winner in Dutch league and European League. He also took manager position in West London team. He made this team got the FA Cup.

Besides that, he had become the Dutch, South Korea, Australia, Russia, and Turkey national team manager too. He also trained Russian club, Anzhi Makhachkala.

What Happened with Mourinho?

There are some rumors mentioned that Mourinho got blamed by Chelsea players. Some rumors mentioned that there is certain conflict between Mourinho and the players. Emeraldo answered that there will be always the main reasons why they should blame Mourinho. But, the club itself cannot confirm this rumor as well.

He also added that the team had taken their hard efforts to win the Premier and Cup League in the past season. The players have responsibilities to play and prove to the public for showing their commitment. They will also take any decision to increase the rank of this league.

Besides that, there are also some problems both in techniques and aspects should be maintained. This club was beaten by Leicester 1-2. In this case, Mourinho blamed the players for having worst preparation. He added that there was unstable preparation shown by the players.

This rumor has been exploded nowadays in Chelsea. But, there are no confirmations yet by the team management. However, Guus Hiddink is mentioned to change Jose Mourinho’s position soon. Finally, those are all the hottest reports from this blue team. There will be always the next discussion about latest news about Chelsea.

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