The Latest News from Barcelona

The Latest News from Barcelona

The Latest News from Barcelona

The Latest News from Barcelona

The Latest News from Barcelona – The latest news from Barcelona will be always the trending topic around us. As we know there will be also the top discussion about Barcelona and Real Madrid. These two clubs will be on the top chart of our discussion. Why so? It is because they are the true rivals at every season.

So, what is new from Barca? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about the latest news from this popular club. Let’s find out your best reference only here!

Luis Suarez Hat Trick Scores

First of all, let’s talk about Suarez score in hat tricks. For your information, this achievement takes Barcelona to get the chance into FIFA Club World Cup Final. Guangzhou has given the European champion the scares about a couple in the first half. But the Chinese sides were outclassed utterly by the match end.

Well, Suarez’s hat tricks scores are consisted of the second goal with exquisite. Then Barca got scrolled up in to the Club on FIFA World Cup final. The point was 3-0 over the Asian champions, Guangzhou Evergrande on last Thursday.

Besides that, the match was also always resembled with an attack vs defense the training session. For your information, Guangzhou player, Zou Zheng, also got suffered for horrific injury in the first half part of the match. He seemed to break his leg when he fell awkwardly to his team mate’s clear distress.

Well, in this moment Barcelona played without Lionel Messi. He was taken for having ill injury just hours before the match started. There was also injured Neymar that couldn’t support Barca as well. But in fact, more than 70% of the match progress, Barca showed their great play by Suarez hat tricks moment.

They played with the great possession as well as they showed in South American champions River Plate. Well, it also made Guangzhou remembered that they have the Brazilian coach, Luiz Felipe Scolary who took over during June session.

How Barca Passed this Match?

For your information, they only needed about 39 minutes to break down the Guangzhou’s defense. Suarez really pounced to tuck in his performance. Then he made a goal to Li Shaui net. This goalkeeper failed to hold Ivan Rakitic’s drive in the long range.

Well, the Catalans also had an escape luckily. It was just before the Brazilian Elkesen just got failed to have a contact with the cross of Zheng Zhi. Meanwhile Javier Mascherano also made his last ditch tackles twice in this match. It was used to prevent Guang Zhou players getting clear run to the goal. It was firstly happened to Ricardo Goulart and Zheng Zhi.

Meanwhile Claudio Bravo made his own save just before the half time for tipping away from Elkesen’s header. Well after 49 minutes ran, Andreas Iniesta sent weighted pass beautifully into the area. Then, Suarez caught the ball on his chest before volleying it to get passed to Li’s net on one movement. So, that’s all about the latest news from Barcelona.

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